“Preceptorship” Course

24 August, 2016 by admin

It is our pleasure to inform that since 2014, Dr. Martin Charles has implemented the “Preceptorship” Course. This event takes place three times a year and doctors from all over the world are welcome to participate.
The event lasts two days, with a maximum attendance of six doctors, where Dr. Martin Charles explains in a theoretical and practical course his working methodology, worldwide regulations and retina surgeries.
During the first day of the course, Dr. Charles lectures on treatments carried out on patients suffering from maculopathy. Next, the participants join the Dr. into his office to see in-treatment patients. Also, they have the chance of observing LIVE surgeries performed by Dr. Charles in the OR.
Also, the center boasts a WetLab in which participants can practice on pig’s eyes with the same technology that is used in the OR and with Dr. Charles’ working team.
In order to supplement the transmitted information, the system of digitalization of medical records used by the center and by Daytona- a new technology that allows to document in a digital format the wide field image and the back of the eye without requiring dilatation, is displayed.
The doctors that participate will get a certificate.


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