Corneal Topography

It is a computerized mapping of the corneal surface.

Why the test is performed:

This test maps out the entire corneal surface, measuring its thickness, curvature and elevation.
The information produced by the topography is of importance for cases such as:

  • Diagnosis before a refractive surgery with corneal laser
  • Intraocular lens fitting
  • Contact lens adaptation

How it is performed:

Corneal topography must be performed upon a cornea “at rest” and therefore, it is essential not to wear contact lenses some days before the test.

How to prepare for the test:

Do not wear soft contact lenses for 7 days before the examination. Do not use rigid lenses for at least 15-20 days before the examination. Following these instructions is very important because contact lens wear may significantly affect the results of the examination.

Corneal topography within normal parameters

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