Epiretinal Membrane

It is a membrane that grows on the inner surface of the retina, generally over the macula.

It can be idiopathic (unknown cause) or secondary, which occurs in association with inflammatory diseases, trauma, retinal vascular obstructions and intraocular surgery

Symptoms: in mild cases it can be asymptomatic. In more severe cases which affect the macular area, it can cause metamorphopsia (lines appear distorted or curved), micropsia (objects are perceived smaller than what they actually are), and monocular diplopia ( double vision in the affected eye.) The decrease in vision is variable.

Treatment: if vision is good, the patient is asymptomatic or presents mild symptomatology. Observation and regular check-ups is advisable. In the cases in which vision is reduced substantially, or if the symptoms are serious, an option can be to surgically dry the membrane.

Tomografía de coherencia óptica (OCT, Heidelberg Engeenering) de un paciente con una membrana epiretinal, identificada como una línea hipereflectiva blanca, sobre las capas internas retinales, que rectifica y deforma el perfil de la mácula.